Meteorlogical Balloons, weather balloons TA of TX in all sizes from Totex Corp,. Japan


Hydrogen Generators (Electrolysis). Hydrogen Production Plants and Fuel Cells. Teledyne Energy System Inc, Hunt Valley, Baltimore, USA.


The Belfort Instrument Company was founded in 1876 i Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Belfort Instrument forged its leadership role in the development of meteorological instruments through
extensive cooperation with then newly formed  U.S. Weather Bureau. The company offer a broad range of highly reliable meteorological / environmental  instruments that accurately measure visibility, wind, precipitation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and ceiling height as well as other standard meteorological parameters.
DigiWx – Digital Weather System provides high quality, up-to-time-minute weather conditions to ground personal and aircraft operators resulting in enhanced aircraft/flight safety and operational performance.



Anemometer IRDAM Patented Thermal Field Variation Technology. No moving parts, High Reliability and option for heating system Against ice and hoar-frost Different models also available in military applications. Automatic Weather station WST 7000. IRDAM SA, Yverdon-les-Baines, Sveits


R.M. Young company. For more than 50 years YOUNG meteorological sensors and displays have been installed and well received world wide. Through their experience and extensive capabilities, they are a manufacturer with cost effective, high quality products. The Ultrasonic Anemometer Model 85000 and Model 85004 features thermostatically controlled heaters in the transducer and housing surface for use in extreme weather condititions.



IED was created in the early 90s with the aim of supplying the electronic product industry, with offers adapted to the specific requirements of each segment, backed with an engineering department with over 40 years of accumulated experience in developing high-quality electronic solutions.


Over the years, IED has offered solutions to practically all industrial sectors, including renewable energies, construction, electric tools, electric mobility, and industrial automation, among others.-


We believe in challenging the status quo with technology, electronics and design, by creating new products that are more efficient, functional and intelligently designed“.
Iñigo Ayerra – General Manager


Automated Meteorological Observation System for aviation and surface. AWOS, Q-Net, MetPac. Transportable weather station, TAMS. Roadway Weather Information System RWIS from Allweather
Inc., Sacramento, CA, USA


Small Weather Stations, sophisticated and accurate at reasonable prices. Wireless station available. Display console may be located up to 1000 feet from the sensors. Windows software for statistics, climatological purposes available. Davis Instruments, Hayward, CA USA. NEWS !  WeatherLinkIP  Easy to add weather data on the internet. No need for PC on site.



Radiation measuring instruments and detectors for the entire spectrum, from UV to IR,
as well as ultraviolet radiation sources from Solar Light Co., Philadelphia, USA.


Acoustic Wind/Temperature Profilers, SODAS, RASS and SONAR from Remtech, USA,
Fort Collins, Colorado


Biral specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of meteorological, particle analysis and bio-detection intruments for science, industry and the environment.





The company develops, manufactures and markets advanced atmospheric sensors using optical,
radio wave and acoustic techniques. Applications for Scientic products are found in meteorology
and related science, environmental monitoring, traffic, safety and industry. Main products: Acoustic wind profiler, RASS extension for sonars, Radar Wind Profiler and


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